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Aislyn 50 MM Aislyn 50 MM Aislyn 50 MM
Rp588,000 Rp735,000
Aislyn is a part of our Signature Collection. Our original design that has a special value for us, the first of it's kind. The shoes itself embellished with a touch of intricate yet elegant beadings, and surely the...
Bianca 30 MM Bianca 30 MM Bianca 30 MM
Rp692,750 Rp815,000
Bianca adalah bagian dari koleksi VAIA X TOKOPEDIA. Sebuah kolaborasi yang yang memberikan makna tentang kemajuan produk lokal dan E-Niaga Indonesia yang membangkitkan semangat ber-kreasi. Kolaborasi ini adalah bentuk...
Claudia 20 MM Claudia 20 MM Claudia 20 MM
Rp752,250 Rp885,000
This design was inspired by a story about Prince Sawerigading, a son of Bugis King that is told as reliable sailor. This story was written in La Galigo, an epic creation myth of the Bugis from South Sulawesi, written...
Malca 30 MM Malca 30 MM Malca 30 MM
Rp709,750 Rp835,000
Heidi is a part of VAIA BARLI ASMARA collection. The touch of BARLI ASMARA and VAIA that brings classy and well-tuned look to your outfit.
Vanka 70 MM Vanka 70 MM Vanka 70 MM
Rp624,750 Rp735,000
Vanka is a part of See Through Collection. These shoes is versatile in any outfit, a two style in one shoes. It comes with detachable handcrafted beadings. A more minimalist style when beadwork it's not in use. The...



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