Candrakanti 70 MM

Candrakanti was inspired by the Sekar Jagad batik whose composition consists of nitik, kawung, and flora batik. Nitik batik is on the front with flower accents from the Tanjung tree, while Kawung batik is on the side of the shoe. Candrakanti mules heels are lined with satin fabric with the same motif combination as the upper part of the shoe and a touch of soft color that beautifies Candrakanti.

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  • 37
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  • 42
  • Salem Muda
  • 70 mm

Materials : Mesh embroidery with detailed Batik embellishment, Nappa Leather, soft-padded Genuine Leather, High Durability modified outsole.  


  • Available color : Salem Muda
  • Square heels
  • Pointed toe
  • 70 mm height
  • Sizing Category : A
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