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Runa comes in comfortable flat mules with sophisticated embellishment on the side. So you can wear it comfortably yet still feel captivating. Completed with two thin straps on the upper and detailed beadwork on the...
Cher has a statement bow attached on top of its upper. This mules comes with detachable embellishment that will add glam on it. Cher perfect for you who loves to wear a statement piece. Never think your outfit is too...
Gwen comes in 3 colors, Lime Green, Shocking Pink and Bronze. Gwen is the only low-heeled mules in The Diva Collection. It comes with detachable bow and embellishment. We figured that with or without bow, this mules...
Mercy has the combination of satin and embroidery lace. Mercy will be another good companion for you to run an errands since it's easy to put on. This cute low heeled mules is made for VAIA lady who loves to go simple...
Bridget 20 MM Bridget 20 MM Bridget 20 MM
Rp596,250 Rp795,000
as one of the low-heeld mules in Amaranthine collection, Bridget will still charm you with its distinct design. Wrapped with polkadot tulles at the top, and its very own color; slate grey, will makes bridget a good...
Same as its sister, Florence is supported with 5 cm heels and soft padded genuine leather insole. A bit different details at the front, Florence use Embroidery lace that's beautifully matched the diagonal...
Joyce is a 5 cm mules that's espescially made in single color, slate grey. With a touch of polkadot tulle and diagonal beading appliques makes Joyce a good companion for your classic look.
Might say that Beatrice and Bridget is a two sides of the same coin, but the twist is, Beatrice have two choices heels, 3 cm and 7 cm heels. Besides, Beatrice use an Embroidery lace on the upper. A touch of seamless...
Another low-heeld mules in Amaranthine collection, Marry who comes in two color; Porcelain skin and slate grey, are supported with soft-padded genuine leather insole and 2cm heels. Marry will suit VAIA Lady who loves...
Meet Ruby, second mules on the Coral series with distinct coral embellishment on top. Ruby was designed for VAIA Lady who loves to give an extra touch of details on their feet, but still look casual.
Samita was inspired by the machete batik motif. The machete batik motif was created by Panembahan Senopati while meditating on the beach. He was inspired by the ocean waves that never tire of hitting the shore reefs....
Malika was inspired by several batik elements, one of which is the Kawung batik motif located on the top row. The Kawung motif is believed to have been created by the fourth Sultan of Mataram who ruled from 1613-1645,...
Anjani was inspired by the batik motif of Sinom Parijoto Salak from Sleman, Jogjakarta. This batik motif is interpreted as the hope of prosperity and welfare of the community protected by the wisdom of the leaders of...
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Heidi is a part of VAIA BARLI ASMARA collection. The touch of BARLI ASMARA and VAIA that brings classy and well-tuned look to your outfit.
Heidi is a part of VAIA BARLI ASMARA collection. The touch of BARLI ASMARA and VAIA that brings classy and well-tuned look to your outfit.
Meet Kendra, a pointed mules with several knits on the side and Ikan Lepu– inspired-embroidery at the top of the mules. Kendra supported with soft padded insole that will comforts your feet whenever you use it. It...



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